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Vintage Fans, L.L.C.
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Vintage Fans, L.L.C. is located in Fort Worth, Texas, near the suburb of Keller, Texas. My name is Mark Neeley. I have personally collected and restored antique and vintage electric fans since 1992. From those early years that began my association with these incredible machines, it was evident to me that the engineering, quality, and durability incorporated in their design created a unique opportunity to use them in today's world, over 100 years after many of them were originally manufactured! Vintage Fans, L.L.C. was founded to offer our services to those interested in using genuine American made antique ceiling or desk fans in their home or business.

We have a fully equipped commercial shop in Fort Worth that allows us to provide many services including: complete servicing of electric fan motors, complete electric motor rewinds, machining parts, electrical/mechanical restorations or full premium ceiling and desk fan restorations.  We are one of the only shops in the United States that specializes in early electric fan motors that can essentially complete nearly all of the needed work in house, from rewinding, to machine work, to finish work. 

Our antique fan specialists include Bob Borrowman, with over 30 years experience in highly skilled electrical, fabrication and mechanical work. Bob is without a doubt, one of the best in the country at restoring original brass blades, his expertise can not be summed up in a few short sentences here, his work speaks for itself ( take a look at our AB Gyro Fan restoration). Bob's attention to detail and passion for "doing it right" contributes to the praises our fans receive from national magazine editors and top architectural and design firms. His drive for understanding why a problem is occurring with a fan has led to his outstanding mechanical trouble shooting abilities, all needed in performing premium fan restorations.  Bob's level of mechanical ability is seldom seen today in any arena. His engineering mind performs countless fabrication, machining and mechanical jobs that lead to the goal of perfecting each of our fans to the highest degree of finish and performance available on the market today. is also fortunate to have antique and vintage electric motor legend Sam Morgan as part of it's team.  Sam has over 4o years of experience in repairing, rewinding, engineering and motor theory of early electric fan motors, as well as motors of all kinds.  He is nationally recognized among many involved in the early fan and motor world as the man that can complete any early fan motor rewind, especially when others who have tried have either failed or simply lack the skill to attempt it. Sam's experience was earned from years of service(1969-96) at Central Electric, formally of Fort Worth, where he was often "awarded" the problem antique and vintage fan motors to repair from his foreman. His continuous success at repairing often what was deemed "unrepairable" by others, led to quite a deserved reputation throughout the nation. Sam's attention to detail, to a job well done, and to one completed correctly is the standard shared by all of us at Sam is one of the nation's foremost authority's on antique and vintage ceiling and desk fan motor rewinding and engineering and in fact we would say that he is very likely the number one authority on the subject.

Our highly specialized team of experts allows the ability to give you the very best service, thorough motor repair, or premium fan restoration in the country.  We are so confident in our team, our work, and our American made antique and vintage fans that we offer the best warranty in the business. 

Our work has been featured in national magazines, network and cable television, major motion pictures, and commercial/ residential projects throughout the United States.  Shop visits are available by appointment only, but we will be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you about your fan needs. Our unrestored inventory of over 1000 antique and vintage ceiling fans and 400 desk, pedestal and other types of early electric fans allows us offer a large selection of models from 1900 to 1955. As always, if we do not have it in stock, we can acquire it for your project.

One of our main missions when founding our company was to provide our services to individuals who wanted to incorporate antique and vintage ceiling or desk fans in the décor of an architectural restoration. So many times the restoration of an antique home or building will include antique lighting, stoves, refrigerators, hardware, plumbing, etc., but antique and vintage fans are absent. Vintage Fans, L.L.C. can provide the correct period ceiling, desk, or other type fan to complement any architectural restoration.

A professionally restored antique or vintage electric fan can help set the theme

or mood of a room like few other single objects can. The next time you see a movie that is set in the past, you will likely see a vintage electric fan. The reason for this is simple; it adds to the design element of the room and helps set the theme or mood of the movie. Now you can have that same unique design element in your home or business.

At Vintage Fans, L.L.C., vintage fans are not only our business; they are our passion. That passion drives us to provide one of the finest restorations available. A properly restored antique ceiling or desk fan is a labor-intensive effort. Attention to detail is the key to providing a thorough restoration. When you purchase a restored vintage fan from us you can be assured that you are getting a top quality restoration that anyone would proudly display and use in a home or business. Vintage Fans, L.L.C. will strive to earn your confidence and assist you with any of your vintage electric fan needs.