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1904-06c. Emerson 52" Antique Ceiling Fan

1904-06c. the Emerson Electric MFG. Company, St.Louis, MO., U.S.A., 52" Ornamental Antique Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Electric Company was a leader among the early alternating current ceiling fan manufacturers. The first practical brushless alternating current ceiling fan Emerson produced was introduced in 1897 as the type CF 28 model. The two bladed CF-28 was extremely ornamental, and helped the company gain market share in the growing AC ceiling fan market. Emerson manufactured the CF-28 through 1901 or so. Other models followed including a one to two year only model, the two bladed CF-14. Around 1903, a new larger sized motor was introduced the two blade CF-20.

The basic design of CF-20 would essentially be basis for the ornamental ceiling fan that Emerson would build upon through the teens, making improvements and eventually eliminating the two blade design for a four blade version only. Early on, the two bladed fan would also be joined by a first four bladed version the Type CF-24 around 1904-06. Sometime during this same time period Emerson built the Type CF-22 shown here. This rare two blade Emerson is the only CF-22 that we have ever owned or seen.

The fan features a CF-22 model only embossed motor tag that is close in the style that was used on Emerson desk fans of the period. We suppose this model was a short run unit that was quickly replaced by the type 3012 the last of the Emerson two blade ornamental ceiling fans. While original two-bladed Emersons are available in extremely limited supply, we have several of the four bladed units available that are nearly identical to the fan shown in style. If a two blade unit is a must, check with us for availabilty.

According to period literature, this model's standard finish was oxidized copper, a finish we can reproduce on this model for a period correct restoration.

The Featured Fan is a rarely seen Emerson CF-22 that we restored for a historic North Texas home. This particular fan has another feature that lends itself to possibly a one of kind existance. Beside the motor tag is riveted a special inventory style tag that we are sure was placed on the fan prior to its first service use. The Tag reads: MONTGOMERY FAN NO. 957 LIGHT & WATER POWER CO. There is a strong probability that this fan was either a company fan used in one of the power company's buildings or that it was possibly a lease unit to another business from the power company. We have seen a lease agreement for fans from this period, so we know that these arrangement did exist and for good reason with the cost of a ceiling fan during this period averaging $55-65 for purchase, a hefty some in 1905.

This particular fan was purchased from an estate out of Illinois. It is possible that the fan's special tag places it in Montgomery County, Illinois when new. The new owner of the fan hails from Montgomery County and we are excited that the fan is now owned by a native son of the county and state of Illinois.

Please contact us for availability of the 1904-16c. Emerson Ornamental Antique Ceiling Fan.

Standard Features Include:

  • Dimensions - 12" length x 13" diameter
  • Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing
  • Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil
  • Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times
  • Beautiful Ornamental Styling
  • Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds
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